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Cyprus has long been established as a holiday destination, with its temperate climate in the winter and sun drenched beaches in the summer, its many attractions bring different types of tourist every year.

In more recent times, Cyprus has emerged as one of the leading spa destinations in the Mediterranean and is recognized as having a diverse choice of spas, including Day Spas which offer the essential needs of the modern woman, such as maintenance facials, manicures, pedicures & waxing and also cater for the urban man with treatments to provide stress relief as well as grooming. Mineral Spring Spas make the use of the natural healing properties of thermal springs renowned to be beneficial for joint and muscular ailments, with Thalassotherapy Spas offering freshly pumped Mediterranean seawater into pools of different salinity and temperature to provide the unique curative effects of mineral enriched seawater in combination with treatments utilizing products of the sea such as seaweed and sea salts.

Most of Cyprus’s 4 and 5 star resorts now boast beautiful spa facilities offering the guest a respite from the sun and tourist attractions, with many guests now selecting a Hotel for its spa facilities. The standard is very high with many resorts receiving awards and accolades, with distinctions such as the “Best Spa Resort of the World” and “Best European Spa”.

Many Hotels take advantage of their Spa facilities to offer Corporate Pampering to their conference and incentives groups. This offers the ”burnt out” executive quality time with his peers and gives the Company an opportunity to show their appreciation. Larger spas can cater to up to 200 stressed out executives per day with their circuits of Thalassotherapy pools or Thermae Heat rooms and these have become annual events that have shown to improve morale and increase productivity, especially when incentive based.

Apart from the many pampering and relaxing offerings, more and more people are looking for a destination that offers Wellness and Recuperation. Some resorts have embraced wellness tourism and have collaborated with specialized wellness tour operators to offer packages which include nutrition, exercise programs and treatments. In recognition of the demand for a healthier lifestyle, wellness packages focus on the client as an individual, providing knowledge and a positive experience that the guest can take home with them in order to achieve their lifestyle enhancing goals.

Whether the guest to Cyprus is looking for holistic wellness, boot camp motivation, recuperation after surgery or medical procedure or pure unadulterated pampering, the world class spa facilities and activities available on the island tick all the boxes. Add to that the Cypriot hospitality, Mediterranean cuisine, the cultural and historical sites and Cyprus becomes the spa destination to be emulated.

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Main Goals, Standards, Aims and Objectives Fri, 08 Jun 2012 02:24:42 +0000 Polis

Cyprus Spa Association was formed with a mission to encourage universal understanding of individual wellness and health both by motivating and educating members, potential members, government and the consumer as to the many social and economic benefits to be gained from the development of the Cyprus Spa Association

The Cyprus Spa Association main goals are:

To raise awareness and define the spa experience.

To directly engage the participation of the consumer, government and public sector, health and tourism boards as well as private sectors and corporations by way of promoting the spa experience across Cyprus.

To be recognized globally as the active and true voice of the Cyprus Spa Industry.

To develop sustainable relationships and work closely with all partners to help establish a strategy of Wellness and Health Tourism in all members.

To develop standards, accreditation and professionalism within Cyprus Spa Industry.

To inspire members and possible members as to the benefits of embarking on a program of wellness that promotes healthy living.

As main Objectives we would like to ensure continued positive growth of the Cyprus Spa Association as a whole, via member’s development, to facilitate communication between members and to ensure that all members are following agreed-upon standard operating procedures. To explore the formation of future members


Cyprus Spa Association will work very hard to improve and maintain high educational standards within the Cyprus Spa Industry to ensure that the people employed in the Cyprus Spa Industry are educated to a standard which will contribute to revitalising humanity.

Our Aims and objectives on Education are:

  • To offer an opportunity for members to develop a range of high level Spa skills.
  • To provide an opportunity for members to develop and use a range of Spa skills and competence in an operational and management context.
  • To encourage (provide) an International qualification that meets the needs of the spa industry.
  • To maintain high standards of professionalism, competency, practises and advice on appropriate training for the Cyprus Spa Industry.
  • Â To develop a knowledge and understanding of the skills of therapist.
  • To encourage an effective career path through all grades to senior management in Spa.
  • To look at the current standards in international Spas and to build a database of the qualifications required for therapists working in Cyprus Spas.
  • To find a benchmark for qualifications or facilities required for Cyprus Spa Association membership – for all Spas, Resort Spas, Hotel Spas, Day spas, Medical Spas.
  • To produce “Code of Standards and Practise” for the Cyprus Spa Association.
  • To collate different educational seminars, workshops or exchange programmes within the Spa industry.Â


  • To create a marketing plan with the Cyprus Tourism Organization promoting Cyprus as a Spa destination.
  • To establish a Cyprus Spa Association as a professional information and assistance centre for professionals in Cyprus spa industry (statistics, market research, spa developments journalist/media etc)
  • To promote joint marketing programs among spa clients.
  • To support members with valuable spa related information.
  • Cyprus Spa Association collects a data and information base with health- and spa related information with the following differentiation (specific information categories)
    • Consumer research information, trends
    • Industry information, trends
    • Other interesting topics of spa business
    • Journalist database
  • Cyprus Spa Association conducts annual Market Research with its members and cooperates with education establishments to further research in the European Spa Industry.
  • Information and press release regularly communicated to the press/media.
  • Regular articles/features with International spa magazines.
  • Cyprus Spa Association will prepare a newsletter twice a year targeted specifically for members and a comprehensive reference guide for spa users.
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Introduction and Membership Fri, 08 Jun 2012 02:21:28 +0000 Polis

The Cyprus Spa Association is the body of the industry in Cyprus and our membership represents the only spa-related businesses in Cyprus.

Full Members are drawn from the below spa categories:

  • Club Spa.
    The Club Spa category is available to those persons, firms, corporations or other business entities which operate a facility whose primary purpose is fitness and which offers a variety of professionally administered spa services on a day use basis.
  • Day Spa.
    The Day Spa category is available to those persons, firms, corporations or other business entities which operate a spa offering a variety of professionally administered spa services to clients on a day use basis.
  • Destination Spa.
    The Destination Spa category is available to those facilities with the primary purpose of guiding individual spa-goers to healthy lifestyles. Historically an extended stay, this transformation can be accomplished by a comprehensive program that includes spa services, physical fitness activities, wellness education, healthful cuisine and special interest programming.
  • Medical Spa.
    The Medical Spa category is available to those facilities that operate under the full-time, on-site supervision of a licensed health care professional whose primary purpose is to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care in an environment that integrates spa services, as well as traditional, complimentary and/or alternative therapies and treatments. The facility operates within the scope of practice of its staff, which can include both Aesthetic/Cosmetic and Prevention/Wellness procedures and services.
  • Thalassotherapy/Mineral Springs Spa.
    The Mineral Springs Spa category is available to those persons, firms, corporations or other business entities which operate a spa offering an on-site source of natural mineral, thermal or sea water which is used in professionally administered hydrotherapy treatments.
  • Resort/Hotel Spa. The Resort/Hotel Spa
    category is available to those persons, firms, corporations or other business entities that operate a spa within a resort or hotel providing professionally


  • Companies related to the spa sector: Suppliers, architects & designers, journalist and associations.
  • Individual Therapist: Therapist who work in spas that are members of the Cyprus Spa Association.

Membership Application Form:
Click  to download and fill up Membership Application Form.

Send the application via:

Members List


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CSA at Dorchester London Wed, 30 May 2012 10:59:13 +0000 Polis

CSA Vice President, Mr. Paris Kounoudis was invited by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation in London as a guest speaker to represent the Cyprus Spas in the CTO and AGTA yearly main event held in the famous Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane.

 The Cyprus Tourism Organisation invited around 70 of the top travel agents who promote Cyprus for an evening welcome drink followed by a dinner.

 Mr. Paris Kounoudi’s presentation was focused in promoting Cyprus as a Spa destination, describing the categories of the spa industry today and all the diffrent types of spas that a traveller from UK is able to visit in Cyprus.

 The comments received were very positive towards the organisation of the event. Travel agents state that the Cyprus Spa Association will play a vital role in terms of promoting Cyprus as a Spa destination, delivering high spa standards and increase the level of service in Cyprus Spas.

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PRESS RELEASE – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Fri, 02 Dec 2011 08:01:24 +0000 Polis



Targeting towards the quality development of our tourist product

The Annual General Meeting of the Cyprus Spa Association was held on Thursday 24/11 at the Mediterranean Hotel in Limassol.

The AGM was addressed by the President of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation Mr Alecos Orountiotis, and the vice-president of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Demetres Solomonides.

Guest speaker was the founder and former president of the British International Spa Association (BISA), Ms. Marion Sneiter who presented the international Spa Tourism trends.

Main speaker was the President of the Association, Mr. George Tavelis who presented the goals and objectives of the Association and the special role that wellness tourism has in improving the quality of the tourist product of Cyprus.

The Cyprus Spa Association in collaboration with the CTO is actively involved in the development and promotion of wellness tourism, while contributing to the development and further improvement of wellness services in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Spa Association has recently joined the CCCI, enhancing its reputation and image as a professional tourism association.Â

The main objective of the Association is the development of health and wellness, both by mobilizing and educating members, and the promotion, networking, and recognition of Cyprus in the wellness industry worldwide.

Furthermore, the Association offers the opportunity to its members to develop a series of high wellness skills, maintains a high level of professionalism and provides advice for appropriate training.

The Association has already included in its agenda a series of educational seminars, workshops and other programs that will enrich both the knowledge and skills of its members that will enhance the promotion of Cyprus as a wellness destination.

Nicosia 28/11/11

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ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΘΕΝ – Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευση Tue, 29 Nov 2011 03:30:18 +0000 Polis


Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευση Κυπριακού Συνδέσμου

Κέντρων Ευεξίας Κύπρου


Στόχος η ποιοτική ανάπτυξη του τουριστικού προϊόντος

Ο Σύνδεσμος Κέντρων Ευεξίας Κύπρου πραγματοποίησε την Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευση την Πέμπτη 24 Νοεμβρίου 2011 στο ξενοδοχείο Mediterranean στη Λεμεσό.Â

Τη ΓΣ χαιρέτησαν, ο Πρόεδρος του ΚΟΤ κύριος Αλέκος Ορουντιώτης και ο αντιπρόεδρος του ΚΕΒΕ κύριος Δημήτρης Σολομωνίδης.

Στη Συνέλευση παρέστη η ιδρυτής και πρώην Πρόεδρος του Διεθνούς Συνδέσμου Κέντρων Ευεξίας της Βρετανίας κα Μάριον Σνειτερ η οποία παρουσίασε τις διεθνείς τάσεις που αφορούν το Spa Tourism.

Κύριος ομιλητής στη Συνέλευση ήταν ο Πρόεδρο του Συνδέσμου κ. Γιώργος Ταβέλης ο οποίος ανάπτυξε τους σκοπούς και στόχους του Συνδέσμου καθώς και τον ιδιαίτερο ρόλο που διαδραματίζει ο τουρισμός ευεξίας στην ποιοτική αναβάθμιση του τουριστικού προϊόντος της Κύπρου.

Ο Κυπριακός Σύνδεσμος Κέντρων Ευεξίας (Cyprus Spa Association) σε συνεργασία με τον ΚΟΤ, δραστηριοποιείται ενεργά στην ανάπτυξη και προώθηση του Τουρισμού Ευεξίας και συμβάλλει παράλληλα στην ανάπτυξη και περαιτέρω βελτίωση των παρεχόμενων υπηρεσιών ευεξίας στην Κύπρο.

Ο Σύνδεσμος πρόσφατα έχει ενταχθεί στη δύναμη του ΚΕΒΕ (Κυπριακό Εμπορικό και Βιομηχανικό Επιμελητήριο) ενισχύοντας με τον τρόπο αυτό το κύρος και την εικόνα του σαν επαγγελματικός σύνδεσμος του τουρισμού.

Κύριος στόχος του Συνδέσμου είναι η ανάπτυξη της ευεξίας και υγείας, τόσο με την κινητοποίηση και την εκπαίδευση των μελών όσο και με την προώθηση, δικτύωση και αναγνώριση της Κύπρου στη βιομηχανία της ευεξίας παγκοσμίως .

Παράλληλα, ο Σύνδεσμος προσφέρει την ευκαιρία στα μέλη του να αναπτύξουν μια σειρά από υψηλές δεξιότητες σε θέματα ευεξίας, να διατηρηθεί το υψηλό επίπεδο επαγγελματισμού και να παρέχει συμβουλές για την καταλληλότερη κατάρτιση.

Ο Σύνδεσμος έχει ήδη εντάξει στο πρόγραμμα δράσης του μια σειρά από εκπαιδευτικά σεμινάρια, ημερίδες και άλλα προγράμματα που θα εμπλουτίσουν τόσο τις γνώσεις και τις δεξιότητες των μελών του όσο και την προβολή της Κύπρου.

Λευκωσία 28/11/11

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Cyprus Spa Association – ΓΕΝΙΚΗ ΣΥΝΕΛΕΥΣΗ Tue, 15 Nov 2011 10:06:08 +0000 Polis


Ο Κυπριακός Σύνδεσμος Κέντρων Ευεξίας (Cyprus Spa Association) σε ιδιαίτερα στενή συνεργασία με τον ΚΟΤ, δραστηριοποιείται ενεργά στην ανάπτυξη και προώθηση του Τουρισμού Ευεξίας και συμβάλλει παράλληλα στην ανάπτυξη και περαιτέρω βελτίωση των παρεχόμενων υπηρεσιών ευεξίας στην Κύπρο.

Ο Σύνδεσμος πρόσφατα έχει ενταχθεί στη δύναμη του ΚΕΒΕ (Κυπριακό Εμπορικό και Βιομηχανικό Επιμελητήριο) ενισχύοντας με τον τρόπο αυτό το κύρος και την εικόνα του σαν επαγγελματικός σύνδεσμος του τουρισμού.

Η Ετήσια Γενική Συνέλευση του Συνδέσμου Κέντρων Ευεξίας Κύπρου θα πραγματοποιηθεί την Πέμπτη 24 Νοεμβρίου 2011 και ώρα 17.00μμ στο ξενοδοχείο Mediterranean στη Λεμεσό.Â

Κατά τη Γενική Συνέλευση ο Πρόεδρος του Spa Association θα προβεί σε σύντομο απολογισμό της δράσης του Συνδέσμου για την περίοδο 2010-2011.

Μετά το πέρας της Γενικής Συνέλευσης θα ακολουθήσει cocktail dinner στο οποίο θα συμμετάσχουν επίσημοι προσκεκλημένοι. Τη ΓΣ θα χαιρετήσουν ο Υπουργός Εμπορίου, Βιομηχανίας και Τουρισμού, ο Πρόεδρος του ΚΟΤ και του ΚΕΒΕ.

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